Can You Buy A Home Less Than Rent?

Stop Renting. Start Living.

Let us tell you more about the Benefits of Home Ownership...


The government has several programs that help put money back into homeowners pockets.  These incentives range from compensation for home repair and efficiency upgrades to tax deductions and write-offs.  Buying a home in Boise just makes "cents"


When you are buying a home in Boise with a fixed rate mortgage, you don't have to worry about surprises in your home’s interest rate. Month after month, you know what to expect. Renters don't have that luxury. At the end of the lease, they have to be concerned about rent increases and possibly having to move.


Over time, as you build equity in your home, your home will hopefully become more valuable than what you paid for it. By buying a home in Boise, you own an asset and are often rewarded with thousands of dollars of appreciation, whereas a rental only returns your security deposit!

This Home Sold in Boise 11/2019 

Community complete with 100+ miles of trails, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 

walking paths, parks, sports fields and more!

Est. Payment $1287 Per Month

Jennie Johnson Team


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During the 14+ years that Jennie has been in real estate, 6 of those years she has ran and operated The Jennie Johnson Team. She has sold and/ or helped her clients purchase over 1100 properties. The thing that Jennie loves the most about her career is building relationships and trust in a fast paced and competitive work place. Her drive and competitive nature combined with a love of working with people continues to help her grow and develop into a more effective Real Estate Professional.

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