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We are in the business of moving real estate forward with innovation in service, technology, and client Experience. We’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to homes. We live off of the meaning and motivation from the work we do.

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive differences of all homes and their story. And in an industry that has old rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference.

No home or client here is too small, and the enthusiastic are always welcome. We serve the innovators because we are innovators.

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Theodore Roosevelt

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It is said that the average person will have four to five careers in their life.
I’ve had four, ditch digger, physician, attorney, and now a Realtor®. All of
them have been challenging, and rewarding, except maybe digging ditches,
that was just exhausting.

I was born in Southern California, attended college at UCLA on a fencing
scholarship, and then obtained both a MD and a PhD at the University of
Utah. I then moved to St Louis where I did a three-year internship and
residency in internal medicine, and then returned to Los Angeles, and took
further training in diabetes and endocrine diseases, and set up my practice.
I organized a specialty clinic for diabetes management at my local hospital
which is still in existence. Because I did not have enough on my plate, I
decided to expand my horizons outside of patient care, and went to law
school! I then worked in appellate law which consisted of legal research
and brief writing for other lawyers.

Alas, during this time, the political climate in California became more and
more inimical to business, finally prompting a move to Idaho and I have
lived here since 1992, treating thousands of patients with complex
endocrine and metabolic diseases.

So why real estate you ask. Like many of my medical colleagues I ended
looking for an encore profession. I looked at my skill set and found that like
a lot of top quality physicians I was a smart, hard-working person who can
stay focused. This is exactly what you need in a Realtor®.

My maternal grandmother was a successful Realtor in Southern California,
and my father was a building contractor – hence the ditch digging. I have a
family background in this industry. In addition I have owned a number of
homes, some modest, and some extravagant and have learned, sometimes
at a cost, many of the blessings and pitfalls of the real estate market.

I have four wonderful children, and ten grandchildren, and a dog that
makes me laugh on a daily basis. I am a voracious reader, a quick study,
and most importantly, I not only hear you but I actively listen to a client’s
story to determine what they are really looking for. I am able to review and
assimilate large amounts of data, and reach appropriate conclusions that
will assist you towards making the best decision for you and your family in
your real estate issues.