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We are in the business of moving real estate forward with innovation in service, technology, and client Experience. We’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to homes. We live off of the meaning and motivation from the work we do.

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive differences of all homes and their story. And in an industry that has old rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference.

No home or client here is too small, and the enthusiastic are always welcome. We serve the innovators because we are innovators.

If you’d like to learn more about working EPIC Realty please contact us today.


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Susan Davidson

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In England we have an old and much used saying, “An Englishman’s home is his
castle.”  When you purchase a property, cross that threshold and close ‘your’ door
behind you, this is exactly how you may feel; King or Queen of your castle, your own
domain; it is a wonderful feeling. To be part of this process; helping clients to cross
their chosen threshold, own that piece of land, home or building, is a wonderful
feeling too. I find great joy in assisting my clients in reaching their real estate goals.

Born in England, well-travelled, I moved to the USA in my early thirties and resided in
Santa Barbara, CA, for many years. I am now a happy resident and homeowner here
in Boise ID.

Boise has been a wonderful find for me. I recognize and enjoy sharing, the amazing
opportunities Real Estate offers to those buying in Idaho. It is a gem of a place to
invest in, and also in which to live. In fact I feel this so strongly, that it is this
viewpoint that inspired me to become a full-time professional Realtor here in Boise.

To assist you in meeting your real estate goals, I bring to the table many years of
sales experience. Trained in Sales and Business Management by IBM and Hewlett-
Packard I have had a successful career in Telecommunications helping both small
and large companies source solutions, negotiate pricing, contracts and ensuring the
service goes live to the satisfaction of all parties. Telecommunications is a
competitive and ever changing arena; much like real estate. Being self-employed for
most of my career it is wonderful that I now get to combine my love of sales and
customer service with my passion for all things real estate. I am professional,
tenacious, my word.

Contract negotiation and the tight and timely coordination of Lenders, Appraisers,
Home Inspectors, Title Companies et al, can make or break your deal. Thus to
support you, I too have great support. EPIC Realty has built a fantastic team of top
performers in our industry. We are proud to have the reputation of providing clients
with the highest standards of professional service, industry knowledge, and first class
marketing materials, tools and resources.

Let us go to work for you; call me! I look forward to hearing from you.