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We are in the business of moving real estate forward with innovation in service, technology, and client Experience. We’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to homes. We live off of the meaning and motivation from the work we do.

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive differences of all homes and their story. And in an industry that has old rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference.

No home or client here is too small, and the enthusiastic are always welcome. We serve the innovators because we are innovators.

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Clint Leech

Cell Phone: (208) 559-4338


Clint’s professional real estate career started when he decided to go to Real Estate school back in 2007. At that time, the Treasure Valley was looking at the most potent Real Estate era in its history. Unfortunately, that was quickly followed up by one of the worst economic disasters this valley and country had seen since the Depression. Needless to say, Clint decided to put off Real Estate for a few years and enter college. He then went on and graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from Boise State University with a degree in journalism/mass marketing minor and entered the workforce.

As his family prepared to move to be in a larger journalistic market, he endured some exciting changes and additions to his young family (two children). This led to broadening his scope of careers in order to keep him and his family in the Treasure Valley. After a couple of successful sales jobs, Clint decided to get back into real estate just this year after multiple experiences buying and selling his own properties. While some of these experiences were positive and others were not, he learned a lot from each transaction and decided to apply each bit of knowledge gained to launch what is expected to be a very successful career.

Clint’s excitement about real estate is infectious. He explains “one of the best moments of my life is when my wife and I bought and moved into our first new home with the expectation of expanding our family soon.” He wants to be a part of this moment for other people’s family for many years to come. Allow Clint to work hard for you and your family to feel that indescribable feeling. This compassion, zeal for life and desire to watch your family’s milestone purchase is why Clint is the right agent for you.