We are in the business of moving real estate forward with innovation in service, technology, and client Experience. We’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to homes. We live off of the meaning and motivation from the work we do.

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive differences of all homes and their story. And in an industry that has old rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference.

No home or client here is too small, and the enthusiastic are always welcome. We serve the innovators because we are innovators.

If you’d like to learn more about working EPIC Realty please contact us today.


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With 29 years as a Realtor and Associate Broker I am experienced in all facets of residential real estate including subdivision sales, new construction, existing homes, recreational properties and residential income. I treat every client like they are my most important client and guarantee to communicate with you on a regular basis.

For Sellers: There is a shortage of homes for sale in all areas and all listings are golden.…

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We moved from California to Idaho in 1991. Idaho offered a new life with lots of adventure. We could snow ski, water ski, boat, hike, mountain bike, road bike or just explore! When you want someone to really listen to you, talk with me! As a real estate consultant, it is my job to listen to you to determine what you are looking for.…

Photo of Joy Cameron Joy Cameron
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Kirk Campbell Real Estate Agent
Photo of Laetitia Campbell Laetitia Campbell
(208) 871-4793

Born in Paris, France, I came to the United States immediately after high school. I graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Minor in Spanish in 2001. After working for the Meridian Police Department for 12 years I decided on a career change and started selling Real Estate full time.…

Photo of Meagan Campbell Meagan Campbell Compliance/Auditor
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I love meeting new people and helping them move forward with their dreams and passions! I chose to become a Realtor® to do just that. I love being precise and exact in everything I do and using my knowledge to assist in this process.

My Story

I am a native Idahoan! I do have family that’s spread all over the country from California to Pennsylvania.…

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Photo of Scott Cline Scott Cline
Photo of Krista Coleman Krista Coleman
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Meet Krista Coleman, REALTOR
Your Personal Guide on Your Dream Home Journey

Krista Coleman grew up in the Treasure Valley. Her youth was spent on a 400 acre cattle ranch in central Idaho near McCall, where she helped her father, uncle and grandfather herd cattle on her Appaloosa horse, and spent her winter weekends skiing Brundage Mountain.…

Photo of Brad Condie Brad Condie
Photo of Alexandria Cooper Alexandria Cooper
(208) 695-8712

Alexandria Cooper is the Owner and Team Leader of Next Level Real Estate. With an incredible amount of passion for the real estate industry, and coming from a background in both transaction coordination and sales, she is an asset and resource; no matter what your real estate goals happen to be.

Alexandria started out as a transaction coordinator on a top producing real estate team and has managed or closed hundreds of real estate transactions!…

Photo of Scott Cooper Scott Cooper
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Photo of Ruben Cortez Ruben Cortez
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Photo of Jennifer Coughlin-Jones Jennifer Coughlin-Jones
(208) 890-0630

As a native of Idaho, Jennifer has watched the Treasure Valley grow into one of the top destinations for raising a family, retiring, and opening your own business. She has 14 years experience as a manager for two different national retail stores, working with over 2,000 employees and thousands of customers. Customer service is her top priority!…

Photo of Stephanie Coy Stephanie Coy
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Photo of Josh Cremer Josh Cremer
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Photo of Joseph Cunningham Joseph Cunningham
(208) 440-8443

Purchasing a home can be one of the biggest decisions we make. As your agent, you can count on me to always answer your calls and questions which will make the difference between a stressful ordeal or a pleasant transaction.

Joseph Cunningham is part owner and founding member of On Point Realty Group. He loves educating and sharing his insights to help create well informed clients.…

Photo of Susan Davidson Susan Davidson
(208) 985-4461

In England we have an old and much used saying, “An Englishman’s home is his
castle.”  When you purchase a property, cross that threshold and close ‘your’ door
behind you, this is exactly how you may feel; King or Queen of your castle, your own
domain; it is a wonderful feeling. To be part of this process; helping clients to cross
their chosen threshold, own that piece of land, home or building, is a wonderful
feeling too.…

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Photo of Alan Hodge Alan Hodge
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Alan Hodge has been in Real Estate since 1994. He has experience with resale residential, new construction, 1031 exchange, vacant land, waterfront properties and Corporate Relocation. He is a member in good standing of the Boise Board of Realtors and the Intermountain MLS. He is a US Navy Veteran and a graduate of University of Idaho.…

Photo of Elizabeth Hodge Elizabeth Hodge
(208) 869-1709

Elizabeth Hodge, Broker Associate. Practicing real estate since 1988, Elizabeth is a member in good standing of the Intermountain MLS & the Boise Board of Realtors of which she served at both County and State levels. She is a Lifetime member of the Honor Society and a Distinguished Service Award recipient. Her experience includes residential resale, new construction, waterfront properties, acreages, 1031 Exchange and corporate relocation.…

Photo of Sheridan Hodson Sheridan Hodson Co-Founder
Photo of Eric Hofer Eric Hofer
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Photo of Suzi Lau Suzi Lau
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Photo of Clint Leech Clint Leech
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Clint’s professional real estate career started when he decided to go to Real Estate school back in 2007. At that time, the Treasure Valley was looking at the most potent Real Estate era in its history. Unfortunately, that was quickly followed up by one of the worst economic disasters this valley and country had seen since the Depression.…

Photo of Destiny Lopez Destiny Lopez
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Jackie Metzger Real Estate Agent
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Photo of John Minegar John Minegar Head Coach Of The Epic’s Opportunity Group (Training, Coaching & Guidance) & Realtor
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Photo of Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy
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Experience – Over 15 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing, inspection, and many more in design, remodeling and home improvement, I will take your needs and wants and find the home you desire.

Expertise – As a local resident and having represented clients in local and relocation transactions to buy and sell property in the greater Boise, Meridian, Eagle area and beyond, as well as home and investment purchases for myself and family, I am very aware of this market and can help you with your objectives including residential, income property, and rural property.…

Photo of Stormy Namer Stormy Namer
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Photo of Jenna Nash Jenna Nash
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Photo of Annette Nielson Annette Nielson
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Photo of Donna Nightengale Donna Nightengale
(208) 703-5779

Born and raised in Silicon Valley (Saratoga) CA, I moved to Boise after college in 1992 to experience the “outdoor” life. Our family building company in CA relocated to Boise the next year. I worked in Sales Management for a Fortune
500 Company while working p/t as a New Construction Agent with our building company. This p/t position quickly turned into selling Real Estate full time and I eventually received my real estate license in 1998 and I have been licensed ever since (and loving every minute of it)!…

Photo of Jan Nowak Jan Nowak
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Photo of Rita O’Brien Rita O’Brien
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Photo of Jason Oates Jason Oates
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Photo of Brandon Oliveira Brandon Oliveira
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Photo of Ben Parnell Ben Parnell Real Estate Agent
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Photo of Kimberly Payne Kimberly Payne
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Photo of Jayme Pilot Jayme Pilot
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Photo of Jayme Pilot Jayme Pilot
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Photo of Angel Pleva Angel Pleva
(208) 353-3274

Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I recently started branding myself and my company and Welcome Home Real Estate was created. I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. My voyage started out of high school diving into real estate courses in a community college. I received my real estate license at the age of 20, I was the youngest Real Estate Agent out of 130 people.…

Photo of Kristin Prata Kristin Prata
(208) 830-4430

Kristin Prata is a real estate professional who specializes as a Buyer’s Agent here in the Treasure Valley. She has lived in Idaho since she was ten and enjoys calling the Boise area home for her husband and two wonderful children. After graduating high school in Homedale, she went on to receive her education at Boise State University, studying Economics and Photography.…

Photo of Olga Ptak Olga Ptak
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Photo of Brianna Rager Brianna Rager
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Photo of Jon Ramos Jon Ramos Real Estate Agent
Photo of Renee Ramos Renee Ramos
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Photo of Edward Robison Edward Robison
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Photo of Doug Roe Doug Roe
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Photo of John Rogers John Rogers
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Photo of Clay Roman Clay Roman
(208) 866-2524

Clay came to the real estate industry in 2013 as his interest peaked with real estate and stock markets. Fascinated by technical analysis of charts along with supply and demand’s affect on pricing landed him a career as a licensed realtor where he could put his interests to work on a daily basis. He is also a savvy businessman currently owning and operating a highly successful online sales business allowing him to have the freedom to work harder for his clients without the stress of “making the sale”, and rather “making the right sale for his clients”.…

Photo of Whitney Roman Whitney Roman
(208) 869-5270

Whitney feels blessed to have been born and raised in the great state of Idaho. She loves feeling excited for clients who are relocating from another state that have chosen Idaho as their new home. Whitney’s favorite activities include the natural resources that Idaho has to offer. She loves snow sports, water sports, spending time on hiking trails, at the river or lake, and in the mountains.…

Photo of Beverly Roosevelt Beverly Roosevelt
(208) 447-7130

January 31, 2018

When I was only 4, my parents began climbing the corporate ladder causing us
to move many times back and forth across the country. I was born in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, but have little recollection of my time there. Since then, I have lived
in Southern California and Florida. My time in Florida brings back memories of
climbing trees with hanging moss, learning to water ski in a bayou, body
surfing, and deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.…

Photo of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt
(208) 949-8370

It is said that the average person will have four to five careers in their life.
I’ve had four, ditch digger, physician, attorney, and now a Realtor®. All of
them have been challenging, and rewarding, except maybe digging ditches,
that was just exhausting.

I was born in Southern California, attended college at UCLA on a fencing
scholarship, and then obtained both a MD and a PhD at the University of

Photo of Misty Rose Misty Rose
(208) 867-6245
Photo of Paul Routhier Paul Routhier
(208) 340-0921
Photo of Peggy Ruggiero Peggy Ruggiero
(208) 861-0203

“What I love most about being a Realtor is being able to look out for your best interests! I care deeply about my clients and listen closely to what they want and need in a home. Most importantly, I take my position as your real estate representative very seriously. I keep myself well-informed about our current market conditions.…

Photo of Dana Schafer Dana Schafer
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Photo of Krystal Sells Krystal Sells
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Photo of Lisa Shackelford Lisa Shackelford
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Photo of Kenzie Shaw Kenzie Shaw
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Photo of Lenay Shaw Lenay Shaw
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Photo of Newell Siler Newell Siler
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Photo of Alden Skeie Alden Skeie Photographer
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Photo of Kristy Skow Kristy Skow
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Photo of Kevin Slazas Kevin Slazas
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Photo of Jen Snyder Jen Snyder
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Photo of Brittany Sofro Brittany Sofro
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Jeff Solich Real Estate Agent
Photo of Laura Souza Laura Souza
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Photo of Jared Spence Jared Spence The Jennie Johnson Team – Real Estate Agent
Photo of Kenna Stagmeyer Kenna Stagmeyer
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Photo of Jonathan Steele Jonathan Steele
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Chelsea Story Real Estate Agent
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Photo of Judy Stuber Judy Stuber
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Photo of Jessica Sutherland Jessica Sutherland
Photo of Briana Swanson Briana Swanson
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Photo of Pat Talbert Pat Talbert
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Photo of Shantel Teeter Shantel Teeter
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Photo of Trevor Thomas Trevor Thomas Operations Manager
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Photo of Holly Thomas-Mowery Holly Thomas-Mowery Associate Broker, HTM Real Estate
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Photo of Trina Travess Trina Travess
(208) 342-5555

I have a passion for helping people with every aspect of there Real Estate needs. Driven to exceed expectations in residential sales, listings and investor properties. 

New construction, 1031 exchanges, subdivision development, certified in short sale and bank owned properties. Over 20 years experience in marketing, buying and selling Real Estate.

Photo of Chris Tuggle Chris Tuggle
Photo of Carly Walton Carly Walton
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Photo of Ling Wang Ling Wang
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Photo of Mary Warr Mary Warr The Jennie Johnson Team – Real Estate Agent
Photo of Danielle Warren Danielle Warren
(208) 919-5960

Danielle Warren is a Realtor at Epic Realty, she was drawn to this brokerage because of their standard of service, high level of professionalism, innovation through VR and 3D technology, and giving heart. These qualities resonated with her because those are the same qualities and service she provides to clients. Danielle has an educational background, where she taught her students the importance of customer service and hospitality.…

Photo of Robin Webb Robin Webb
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Photo of Katie Weber Katie Weber
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Florence Wheeler Real Estate Agent
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Photo of Mary Jo Whitener Mary Jo Whitener
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Photo of James Williams James Williams
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Photo of Brandon Wood Brandon Wood
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Photo of Cindy Woyak Cindy Woyak Designated Broker
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Photo of Linda Wright Linda Wright
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Photo of Michelle Wyatt Michelle Wyatt
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Photo of Andrew Yates Andrew Yates
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Photo of Devin Young Devin Young
Photo of Steven Young Steven Young
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Photo of John Zaleski John Zaleski New Agent Mentor
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Photo of Lisa Bowman Zeiter Lisa Bowman Zeiter Associate Broker
(208) 365-7506